Starting on the Right Foot

The best time to start a journal was 5 years ago. The second best time to start a journal is now.

I just have this written on the cover of my five year journal.

Let’s keep this introduction post streamlined with some bullets.

About me:

  • I’m Jackie. INTP. She/her.
  • Career path is editing and literary analysis, specializing but not limited to comics. I love developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, design, and even marketing. Ink runs through my veins.
  • Has been analyzing media for 25 years.
  • Has a Backstory™ that explains why, and one of my long-term projects is to properly explain this as a comic. No spoilers.
  • Appreciates thoughtful design. Video games are a great example! When it’s invisible it’s perfect, when it’s bad, you know it.
  • Has a lot of crafting hobbies, from felting to dyeing to painting to knitting (working on crochet but it’s not sticking yet). I am at my best in a craft or art supply store
  • Has an undergrad degree in Comics and Illustration
  • Applying for a graduate degree in Publishing
  • Runs a chat server catering to often-underserviced creators of the queer spectrum
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service, Atlantis: the Lost Empire, and A Sea of Writings chapter and episode of Mushi-Shi (This is where the homepage animated header comes from)
  • Likes:
    • Her small cat Ninnou
    • Learning and self-improvement
    • Fountain pens
    • Mead
    • Her Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter (Beatrix)
    • The quote “Know Thyself”
    • Feeling understood, and getting along with people
    • Diversity and different opinions
    • Puns
    • Coffees and teas
    • Cafes, bookstores, and any combination of the two
    • Her bass guitar (I’m not very skilled, but it’s good finger exercise)
    • Anthropology, consumer psychology and linguistics (phonetics and etymology are my favorite!)
  • Dislikes/Peeves
    • Super-specific labels
    • Overly-assertive opinions
    • Logical fallacies
    • Poor rhetoric (Actually even as an editor, I think proper grammar has its time and place, and typos are a sign of humanity, but rhetoric is king.)
    • Fish/shellfish/places that only sell seafood

Why I’m here:

  • I write daily anyways, from self-directed projects and study notes to warmups. Writing is easier for me than drawing.
  • I write a lot of resources and notes to make sure I understand a concept, and look for what I’m lacking
  • I know I’m not the only one who can benefit from these notes and resource. Info shouldn’t be kept on a pedestal.

What we’re doing here:

  • The studio proper, which handles private commissions, freelance illustration, and editing services. Includes social media and a Patreon. Miscellanea of different projects
  • CMYKS (Pronounced com-icks) a video series about art and writing resources. Think tutorials, reviews, and Q&A style talks.
  • Gnovella – (Pronounced like novella but you hold the first N for a little longer than usual) A bookclub podcast that analyzes stories with the aspiring creator in mind.
  • Prep work and status updates for future stories and comics, ranging from traditional novels to experimental formatting (The Patreon has extra behind the scenes content on each project too)
  • The Big Secret Agenda Project
  • Notes and updates on my next anthology publication (Art School Gothic)
  • Handy resources I came across for aspiring editors

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