Launch Checklist

The website in full should be launching this week, but I’m also managing several other projects that need m time equally or moreso.

So here’s a list of all the stuff I want/need to add to get this website up and running

  • Secure a domain
  • Pick a template
  • Brand with ES logos
  • Add cover art images from Pexels while I work on graphics
  • Top-level pages to make:
    • Home
    • About
    • Contact
    • Blog
    • Portfolios
    • Project
    • Products
  • Portfolio pages to make:
    • Editing and Publishing
    • Illustration
    • Sequential Art
    • Writing
    • Personal Commissions
    • Misc
    • Old works
  • Projects
    • Gnovella
    • CMYKS
    • GhostWriter
    • Art School Gothic
    • Big Secret Agenda
    • Cafe Ace Space
  • Products
    • Editing services/consultation
    • Zine design and project management volunteering
    • Workshops and classes
    • Personal commissions
    • Professional Illustration
    • Store
    • Patreon and Ko-FI
  • Blog Posts
    • Introduction
    • launch list
    • Editor-Writer-Artist book master post
    • Planed content

So that’s a lot! Cover letters and applications are my priority, and so is the current volunteer project and chat server setup. If the pages aren’t all up-and-running yet, it’s because I had to balance those, too.

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